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Giảng viên

TS Perfecto Gatbonton Aquino, Jr.

Trình độ:Tiến sĩ

Trường:Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

Môn học: Public Speaking

Chức vụ:Giảng viên - Viện Nghiên cứu kinh tế-Xã hội - Đại học Duy Tân

Địa chỉ: Hải Châu - Đà Nẵng

Email: jesusper186@gmail.com


Lý lịch:


Post School Qualifications:  
1.Ph.D in Public Administration, Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines, AACSB MEMBER  

1996-2001 and has passed/graduated with flying colors (Cum Laude). Has taken the following subjects like Administrative Reforms and Innovations, Leadership and Organizational Change, Special Problems in Public Personnel Administration, Administrative Reforms and Innovation, Human Resources Management Issues and Trends, Public Policy and Administrative Issues, Economic Planning Strategies, Public Relations and Government Liason, Organizational Development, etc. 
Graduated  in 2001  
2. Ph.D. in Business Management Candidate, Philippine Women’s University /PCHS, Manila, Philippines 

Started learning at PWU, Manila, Philippines and has taken some subjects like Organization and Management, Production Management, Strategic Management, Conflict Management, Financial Management, Current Issues in Management. Currently writing his PhD dissertation after finishing his Comprehensive Examination.  

3. Master in Public Administration, MPA- Lyceum of the Philippines University, Manila, Philippines, 

AACSB MEMBER, 1986-1991 and has learned/taken the following subjects like Personnel Administration, Economic Development, Managerial Economics, Research Methods and Statistics including Quantitative Techniques in Management. Fiscal Administration, among others. Graduated in 1991.  

4. Master in Business Administration or MBA at the International Academy of Management and Economics, 2009-2010 and I have learned subjects like Financial and Management Accounting for MBA, Organization and Management, International Business Environment, Strategic Planning and Marketing Management, etc.  
Graduated in 2010. 

5. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, BSBA- major in Human Resources Management, taken from 2008-2010 at the Wesleyan College. Learned and has taken subjects in Human Resources Management specifically subjects or courses like Training and Development, Global and International Trade, Compensation and Administration, Labor Relations, Recruitment and Selection, Total Quality Management and Human Behavior in Organization among others.  

6. Bachelor of Arts (BA) taken from 1979-1983 at the Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines and I have learned so many major subjects/courses like International Law, Comparative Government of Asia, Introduction to Political Science, Public Administration. Personnel Administration, Political Theories, Political Dynamics, American Government and History, etc, and I was a Special Scholar for my Third and Four years on the Academic Program and Graduated in 1983. 

7. Certificate of Professional Education or CPE with 24 credits/units earned, taken in 2008 at the La Concepcion College, SFDM, Philippines and has taken subjects like Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management, Principles and Methods of Teaching, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, among others. 

8. Certificate in Project Management, taken last 2019 at the American University of Phenom Penh in Cambodia  

9. TESOL Certificate, October 2020, TESOL Coach Master, USA 
Fellowship and Membership of Learned and Professional Societies:  
+ Member, Chartered Association of Business Schools, UK-2019-present 
+ Member, European Business Academy, 2019-present 
+ Member, Australian and New Zealand International Business Academy(ANZIBA), 2014- present 
+ Member, Filipino –American Educators Association (FAME),2001-present 
+ Vice-President for Internal Affairs, Association of Filipino Educators, Researchers and Trainers in UAE, June 2013- present 
+ Active Member, Filipino-American Educators Association (FAME INC.), USA 
+ Member, Technical – Vocational School Administrators Association (TEVSAA), PHILIPPINES- 1998-2004

+ Member, Philippine Council of Deans and Educators in Business (PCDEB), PHILIPPINES-1996-present  


Indicate Courses which you can Teach and Others which you are Willing to Offer at undergraduate and postgraduate levels: 
Undergraduate Programme: Preferred to teach Organization Behavior, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Principles of Management, Marketing Management, CSR and Business Ethics, Public Administration, etc 
Graduate Programme: Preferred to teach Human Resources Management, Organization Behavior, CSR and Business Ethics, Leadership, Public Administration, etc.  
Supervision Experience: 
Undergraduate: I have supervised around 20 groups of Baby Theses with each group consisting of 4-5 members however I cannot remember the titles anymore due to the fact that I have been away from the Philippines for more than 15 years now. However, I can still remember one best UG thesis which is even uploaded by my students and the title is An Assessment on the Effectivity of the Current Reverse Logistics Process of Mega Fishing Corporation for an Improved Productivity: A Case Study in 2016. Other titles of the UG theses were Feasibility Studies in Making Scented Colored Candles, Establishing a Learning Center in Manila, and putting up a Bakeshop that will only sell bread from vegetables found in the Philippines. If I can have my fruitful vacation again in the Philippines, I can go back to St. Francis University College wherein I can recall those theses which I supervised more than 10 years ago.  
Masters: Has supervised around 6-7 Masters Theses at the Graduate School of St. Francis University College, Las Pinas, the Philippines from June 2001-March 2004 however I cannot anymore remember the titles because I was out of the Philippines for more than 15 years already. I have also sat as a Chairperson/Member of the Oral Defense Panel for MBA students for their Final End Projects/Case Studies to around 20 graduate students. I cannot remember anymore the titles as I was away from the Philippines for more than 15 years now. However, I can remember a handful of those titles as provided hereunder which I supervised in other universities:  
1.  The Impact of ATM Services Quality on Customers’ Satisfaction in Metro-Manila, Philippines, 1996 
2.  An Assessment of the Protection and Law Enforcement in Naujan Municipality, Philippines, 2000 
3.  Relationship of Motivational Factors and Job Satisfaction Among Employees in Selected Aramco Companies, Bahrain, 2008  
4.  The Implementation of the Human Resources Development Program of Gulf Industrial company, Bahrain, 2008 
5.  The Effectiveness of Project Managers at the Selected Construction Firms in Bahrain, 2009 
6.  Job Predictors of Filipino Nurses at the Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, 2014  
PhD: I have not supervised yet any PhD dissertation, however, I have sat as a Member /Panelist for the Lyceum of the Philippines University for 2 PhD dissertations on Public Policy and Management in 2005. I cannot anymore remember their titles. I have sat to about 24 PhD dissertation presentations. 


List of Publications (Books and Monograph, International Journals, Other Scholarly Publications) and patents in chronological order. 
A.Book Chapters Published:  
Tendero, V., and  Aquino, P. (2000) Theory and Practice of Public Administration in the Philippines. Fiscal Administration Foundation Incorporated. Philippines. (Contributed 3 Chapters and Referencing plus Bibliography)  Malar, M., Aquino, P. and Le, D. (2020). The Roles and Strategies of 20th and 21st Women Environmentalists. In Global Perspectives on Green Business Administration and Sustainable Supply Chain Management. (pp.163-180).IGI Global Publishing, USA.  
Aquino, P.G. Jr.Revenio, J. and Malar,J.  (2020) Implementation of Human Resource Reforms of the CSC after the Marcos Regime up to Duterte’s Administration: Legal Framework, Challenges and Innovations. Book Chapter submitted to IGI Global Publishing,USA, Scopus indexed  (Scopus indexed) 
B. Book Chapters for Publication:(Scopus indexed)-COPYRIGHT 2021 (As per receipt of Acceptance Letter from Springer and IGI Global Editors)  
Aquino, P.G. Jr, Malar, M., Revenio, J. . (2020) Impact of Clean India Campaign on Four Indian Cities of Tourist Importance. Book Chapter submitted to Springer International Publishing, USA   
C. Book Project in the Making with IGI Global Publishing for 2021/22  Publication 
Tittle of the New Book Project: “Effective Strategies and Practices in Human Resource Management During and Aftermath of Covid 19” 
Note: Book Proposal under Review by the General Manager for Operation of IGI Global Publishing.

International Journals: 
1.   Scopus indexed publications 
Nguyen, L. P., Doan H. l, Aquino,P.G. (2019).Managing Aircraft Ground Handling Delays in Vietnam Airlines by Using Supply Chain Strategy.International Journal of Supply Chain 
Management.Emerald Publishing. 8(6), 765-779. ( Quartile 3) 
Vu, D. N, . Aquino, P.G.,Jr. and Doan,H.L.  (2019).A Critical Analysis of Customs Business Partnership Compliance on Import and Export Enterprises with Customs Laws and Regulations. Utopia Y Praxis Journal. 5(24), 349-358. (Quartile 2) 
Aquino,P , et al. (2020) Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of e-Payments of Exporters and Importers of  Ho Chi Minh’s Customs Department. Cortaderia y Administracion Journal, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico .66(1),1-21.  (Quartile 3)      
Revenio, J., Aquino, PG., Le, D.. (2020)  Leadership and Innovation towards Firms’ Performance: The Case of Selected Industries in Oman.  Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(3),1152-1160 .Special Issue. (Quartile 3)  
Aquino, P. et.al (2020)  Accounting for Job Satisfaction and Job Performance via Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory: The Case of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(3), 1173-1183. SPECIAL ISSUE.(Quartile 3)  
Nguyen,V., Aquino, P.., Le, D, Truc. N. (2020) Motivational Factors and Work Productivity of Customs’Officers: Evidence in Selected Provinces in VietNam. Revista Espacios Journal. 4(21), 44-58. (QuartileQ3)   
Aquino, P., et. al. (2020). Cross-Cultural Management Pedagogical Insights in the United Arab Emirates: 
A Critical Review of Literatures. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology.,29(7), 4673-4692. (Quartile 4)    
Truc,N., Aquino, P. Le. D, Nguyen, V and Jalagat,J.(2020)   Performance of Students in Achievement 
Test: Implications for Management Planning. International Journal of Science and Technology. 29(8), 4581-4594. (Quartile 4) 
Nguyen, V., Aquino,P. Le. D. (2020).Analysis of Taxation Impacting on the National Competitiveness: The Case of Vietnam and ASEAN Countries. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology. 29(7), 4707-4721. (Quartile 4) 
Anwar, S., Sultan, F., Hina, H., Khan, I ., Abbas , M., and Aquino, P. (2020) Investments in Energy Conservation : Policy Implication for Pakistan. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy. 10(6), 662-671. (Quartile 2)  
Moiz, S., Truc, T., Aquino, P. , Jalagat, R. (2020) Predictors of Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Banks’ Context. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(8),246-258 (Quartile 3)  
Ahmad, S, Aquino, P. Jalagat, R, and Mirza, A.(2020) The Interconnectedness of Human Resource Management Practices and Financial Performance of Banks. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(8),723-738 (Quartile 3)  
Aquino, P., et. al. (2020) Employees’ Mental Health and Productivity on Contextual and Task Performance in Organizations. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(8),978-989 (Quartile 3)  
Aquino, P. et al. (2020) Impact of Terrorism on Emerging Capital Market: Evidence from Pakistan Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control Systems, 12(8), 1123-1226 (Quartile 3)

B.Publications with Impact Factor/Non-Scopus Publications 
Jalagat, R., Pallada, M., Aquino,P. (2019). Influence of Service Quality on Customer Loyalty Mediated by Customer Satisfaction: Oman Islamic Banking Experience. International Review of Research in Emerging Markets and the Global Economy ( IRREM) ., 5(1), 1335-1355. (With Impact Factor of 1.33) 
Jalagat, R., Dalluay,V. and Aquino, P. (2016). Assessing the Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Reputation, and Customer Loyalty: The Case of Pepsi-Cola, Philippines, Inc. Assessing the Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Corporate Reputation, and Customer Loyalty: The Case of Pepsi-Cola Philippines Inc. International Journal of Advances in Management, Economics and Entrepreneurship. 3(9), 1-8. 
Aquino, P. (2015) Conflict Management Styles and Values of Managers of Filipino-Owned Small Business Firms in the United Arab Emirates. Macro theme Review., 4(5), 14-26.  
Aquino, P. (2014) The Relationship Between Corporate Reputation and Customer Loyalty: The Case of Coca-Cola. Macrothem Review. , 3(9), 13-30.  

Papers Currently under Rigid review by the Scopus/Web of Science  Journal Editor: 

1. Gearing Public Sector Management Education Curriculum Responsive to the 21st Century Needs in collaboration with Dr. Revenio of the Sultanate of Oman ( International Journal of Public Administration, USA, Scopus Q2 and ISI indexed Journal, Submitted last February 2020, under review by the Chief Editor himself ( SPECIAL ISSUE) –First Author 
2. Enterprise Risk Management: An Important Process for Feasible Profit and Growth ( Contaduria y Administracion Journal, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) Mexico, submitted last February 2020 under review at the moment by the Editor, Scopus Q3-First Author  
3. Common Perceived Predictors of Job Satisfaction Among Filipino Employees in Vietnam-submitted last March 20, 2020, to Journal of Human Values, USA,  Scopus Q3/ISI indexed Journal  -Secondary author  
4. Distribution , Transportation and Warehousing Practices of Furniture Shops in Selected Municipalities in the Philippines- Submitted to the Editor of LogForum Journal, April 29, 2020, Poland, Scopus 4 / ESCI indexed Journal-Second author 
5. Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage and Organizational Performance: A Proposed Framework (Submitted since February 2020 to Journal of Advanced Research and Dynamical System, USA, Scopus Q4-Second Author 
6. Factors Affecting Employees’Motivation: Case of Groz-Beckert German Company in Vietnam, Submitted to Management Science Letters Journal, Scopus Quartile 2, with Acceptance Letter already received from the Chief Editor.  
7. Retirement Plans. Are they ready? –in collaboration with Dr. Mubeen of Pakistan ( Ready for submission)  
8. Common Perception and Brandavailability in Community Pharmacy-in collaboration with Dr. Mubeen of Pakistan ( Ready for submission)  
On-going Papers / Ready for submission to Scopus/ Web of Science indexed Journals  Editors  
7.  Impact of CPEC Announcement of Volatility of PSX Stock Exchange and Shanghai City –in collaboration with Dr. Nawaz of Pakistan (Ready for submission) 
8.  Student Satisfaction on the Training Received from Danang Commercial Colleges(Ready for submission to Scopus Q3 Journal )  
9.  Inventory Management Practices of Home Grown Coffee Business: A Road Map for Attaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage-Dr  Aquino only  (80 per centum done) 
10. Social and Economic Empowerment of Women in the Age of  Digital Literacy-with Dr.Aquino only (50 per centum done)